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New Translation: Cultural Representations of Other-than-human Nature

New Translation: Cultural Representations of Other-than-human Nature by Pamela Blanchard Faber Benítez

Carretero-González, Margarita & José Marchena-Domínguez(eds.).

One of the main goals of this collective work is to acknowledge the human and the other-than-human as part of a harmonic whole integrated in a common environment; that is to say, to suggest the study of the human species in its own environment, looking at how it perceives itself and how it makes visible, imagines and represents other-than-human nature. These essays, coming from the areas of ecocriticism, philosophy and social sciences, do not overlook a commitment to sort out the problems in our ecosystems as well as in our ethical systems, convinced that research on models and imageries from before, now and always provide us with tools to manage the modernised and denaturalised world of today. This volume is, in sum, a link in the chain of studies that aim at building a fairer planet for all the beings that share its living space.

Carretero-González, Margarita & José Marchena-Domínguez(eds.). Cultural
Representations of Other-than-Human Nature. Cádiz: Editorial UCA, 2019.
Translation by Pamela Blanchard Faber-Benítez.

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Representaciones culturales de la naturaleza
alter-humana.Aproximaciones desde la ecocrítica y los estudios filosóficos y sociales. Cádiz: Editorial UCA, 2018.