EASLCE Member Submission Guidelines


Calls for Papers, Books, Conference Reports, Publications, Webinar Reports

Dear EASLCE members,

Below follow some submission guidelines. Please note that you also can send your news separately or in addition via the EASLCE member only listserv, and that you can also use the listserv to send material that is not suited for publication on the EASLCE website (e.g., job postings).

What sorts of material can I submit for the news on the EASLCE website?

  • Books by current EASLCE Member
  • Calls for Papers that are relevant to EASLCE organization and mission
  • Conference reports
  • New Ecozon@ issues
  • Arcadiana Webinar Reports
  • Send your email to : [email protected]

Book Publication Submission Guidelines:

  • Submission must be by a current EASLCE Member
  • Relevant to the EASLCE organization and mission
  • Please provide us with a **high quality jpg** image of the book cover. (** This means a JPG/ JPEG file of at least a minimum 600 pixels in any direction (WxH), and 72 DPI) Attachments should be no larger than 2 MB please.
  • Book blurb as printed on the back cover (or a similar formal short description of the contents)
  • Your ISBN Number if available
  • Link to the publisher’s website 
  • Send your email to : [email protected]

CFP Submissions Guidelines:

Conference Report Submissions Guidelines:

  • Submission must be by a current EASLCE Member
  • A formal report/ synopsis on the conference
  • The conference’s topic should be relevant to the EASLCE organization
  • Send your email to : [email protected]

Michael (EASLCE’s webmaster), Margarita, Reinhard and Sibylle (EASLCE executive board)

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EASLCE Member Submission Guidelines

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