The EASLCE Webinar is a digital 90-min. event format which seeks to bring internationally renowned scholars and their most recent research closer to graduate students and emerging scholars. The webinars facilitate scholarly exchange in a small group of max. 15 participants per webinar and thereby allow for in-depth and often cross-disciplinary discussion. Usually, EASLCE hosts two to three webinars per year, with a regular occurrence in spring and autumn. Topics cover different areas of Environmental Humanities scholarship such as plant studies, environmental justice, the blue humanities, the more-than-human, and petrocultures.

New webinars are announced via the newsletter and social media. Sign-up takes place via the EASCLE website. The webinars are free of charge for participants. 

– Lena Pfeifer, Dr. Linda Hess

Current webinar organizers: Dr. Linda Hess (University of Augsburg, Germany) and Lena Pfeifer (University of Würzburg, Germany)  

Recent Webinar News and Reports

Dr Scott Slovic, University of Idaho, United States




Ecozon@ is a journal devoted to the relatively new field of literary and cultural criticism called ecocriticism. Ecocriticism can be broadly defined as the study of the representations of nature in cultural texts, and of the relationship between humans with other earth beings and their environment as seen in cultural manifestations. 


Arcadiana is a blog about the environment in literature and culture. It is hosted by postgraduate members of the European Association for Literature, Culture and the Environment (EASLCE).