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EASLCE Webinars

EASLCE wishes to offer members a new opportunity for discussion of various aspects of
ecocriticism. With this in mind, we are initiating a pilot program of virtual seminars, via Skype.
We have contacted a number of renowned experts who are willing to lead a seminar with 4-
6 EASLCE members on specific topics, and we thank them for their generosity. We also plan to
start seminars for students (either final-year undergraduates or beginning graduate students)
who are beginning to work in the ecocritical field and wish to engage in conversations with
senior professors outside of their home universities or countries. These seminars can also be
requested for research groups of EASLCE members that span several countries.

The new website will announce upcoming seminars, and EASLCE members will be able to
sign up for them. Each seminar will be led by the guest expert and moderated by an EASLCE
member. The seminar leader will suggest beforehand a set of readings for all participants
and a set of questions to be addressed. During the seminar, the leader will make an initial
statement (about 15 minutes) and then the discussion will begin. The moderator will forward
the readings and also instructions to participants as to technical requirements, as well
as moderate the session, as needed. As members know, conference video calls on Skype
require a small fee, which EASLCE will cover for these seminars. Seminars are expected to last
approximately 60-90 minutes. It is also our intention to tape the sessions and eventually make
them available to all EASLCE members in the “members’ area” of the website.

This is a pilot experience, and we hope that the technical aspects do not interfere (allowing
for the normal delay in sound). If the experience is positive, we hope to make these a regular
offering for EASLCE members.

FIRST SEMINAR: Thursday, January 26th at 5 pm (Central European Time Zone, GMT+1).

Leader Scott Slovic: "Interdisciplinarity in Ecocriticism: A Workshop”

Moderator: Hannes Bergthaller

One of the hallmarks and controversial aspects of ecocriticism is its effort to incorporate
language, concepts, and sometimes even methodologies from various disciplines, ranging
from evolutionary theory to the anthropological interview strategies. In this inaugural
EASLCE "webinar," Professor Scott Slovic from the University of Nevada, Reno, in the United
States, the founding president of ASLE-US and a prolific ecocritic, will lead a conversation
about interdisciplinary ecocriticism, exploring its pros and cons with several specific examples.

If you are a member sign up by sending an email to Carmen Flys ([email protected])

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