Summary of the 14th EASLCE Webinar: Ecocritics Going Public

Scott Slovic opened the webinar with an introduction into the world of the public intellectual, a figure that is explored in depth in the writings we prepared for the webinar. Rather than letting ourselves be pushed to the side while scholars in the fields of economics, public policy, law and the natural sciences dominate public debate and thereby determine the decisions that are made, it is important that as humanities and arts scholars we recognise the value of our own research and find out how we can contribute our perspectives to the public conversation to benefit our fellow citizens.

Ex-Centric Narratives: Journal of Anglophone Literature, Culture and Media

Ex-Centric Narratives: Journal of Anglophone Literature, Culture and Media The Hellenic Association for American Studies (HELAAS) in cooperation with the Department of American Literature and Culture of the School of English of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), Greece, is launching an electronic multi/interdisciplinary open access, refereed journal with the title Ex-centric Narratives: Journal of Anglophone Literature, Culture and Media (Ex-Na).

CFP: Energy, Ecology, and the Culture of Cities

International Symposium at National Chung-Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan November 23-24, 2018 There is a long tradition conceiving of the city as a kind of parasite – the seat of powerful elites which, as geographer Guy Brechin has argued with respect to San Francisco, syphon food, raw materials, and labor from the “contado,” as medieval Italians referred to the territory controlled by a particular city...

Italy and the Environmental Humanities -Landscapes, Natures, Ecologies

Serenella Iovino, Enrico Cesaretti, and Elena Past, eds. Bringing together new writing by some of the field’s most compelling voices from the United States and Europe, this is the first book to examine Italy--as a territory of both matter and imagination--through the lens of the environmental humanities. The contributors offer a wide spectrum of...
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