By promoting research and education in the fields of literary, cultural and environmental studies, EASLCE aims to cultivate a better understanding of the interrelationship between natures and cultures for a more sustainable future.

We recognize that dialogue and cooperation across disciplinary and cultural boundaries is essential to that task, and therefore seek to foster a diverse community of scholars, educators, and artists who share a concern for environmental issues.

In the pursuit of these aims, EASLCE supports:

  • scholarly and creative work in environmental literature, arts, and humanities;
  • activities that promote the dialogue between the academic community and the general public;
  • advocacy for and maintenance of ecologically sustainable practices.

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Webinar Reports

Announcing Arcadiana!

Arcadiana is a blog about the environment in literature and culture. It is hosted by postgraduate members of the European Association for Literature, Culture and the Environment (EASLCE).

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Summary of the 15th EASLCE Webinar: Brexit Ecocriticism

On 2 May we joined Greg Garrard for a discussion on climate scepticism and his concept of Brexit Ecocriticism. As an introduction, Garrard summarised the key arguments his co-authored collection Climate Change and Scepticism for…

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[email protected] is a journal devoted to the relatively new field of literary and cultural criticism called ecocriticism. Read More…