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Iceland by Fran Cano Cabal

Intensive Graduate Summer Course -The Reykjavik Academy, University of Akureyri, and Mid Sweden University

Announcing a unique graduate course in integrated environmental humanities to take place in northern Iceland 1-15 August 2014.

Iceland by Fran Cano Cabal

The Svartarkot intensive graduate summer course (10 ECTS) is co-organized by The Reykjavik Academy, University of Akureyri, and Mid Sweden University, in close cooperation with NABO (The North Atlantic Biocultural Organisation), NIES (The Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies) and GHEA (The Global Human Ecodynamics Alliance). Aimed at masters and doctoral-level study, the course involves multiple field excursions and lectures and draws upon the intersections of Ecocriticism, Environmental History, Environmental Anthropology and Archaeology in the integrated research fields of Historical Ecology and Environmental Humanities.

Here is a direct link to the course description, which includes important details regarding deadlines, tuition, practical arrangements, contact and application details, etc:


Welcome to Iceland this summer for an outstanding opportunity to study environmental change in and among some arresting environments at the edge of the Arctic Circle.

Steven Hartman
Professor of English Literature
Chair, Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies
Mid Sweden University
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