European Association for Studies of Literature, Culture and the Environment

[email protected]: Tenth year anniversary issue – Vol 11 No 2 (2020): 2020 Ecocriticism: In Europe and Beyond

Vol 11 No 2 (2020): 2020 Ecocriticism: In Europe and Beyond

To mark [email protected]’s tenth anniversary, we are presenting a larger issue than usual, entitled ‘2020 Ecocriticism: In Europe and Beyond’. Its aim is to consolidate, and to celebrate, what hasbeen achieved over the last ten years through the collective efforts of the journal’s editors, guest editors, contributing scholars, reviewers, writers and artists, by reviewing the progress made in European ecocriticism, and suggesting possible new developments in the coming decade. Worldwide, interest in the ecocritical approach has witnessed rapid growth over the past decade: it has established itself as an important branch of literary and cultural criticism, while at the same time entering into fruitful interdisciplinary collaborations under the umbrella of the environmental humanities. The editors of [email protected] are proud to have played a part in this development in the European context, by providing a platform for communication between speakers and readers of the five languages we publish in, and a space for reflection on how linguistic and cultural diversity yields a plurality of understandings of nature and environment, and how these may help humanity meet the socio-environmental challenges of the future.