European Association for Studies of Literature, Culture and the Environment

Announcing Arcadiana!

Arcadiana is a blog about the environment in literature and culture. It is hosted by postgraduate members of the European Association for Literature, Culture and the Environment (EASLCE).

Arcadiana was created in response to discussions in the 14th EASCLE Webinar “Ecocriticis Going Public” with Scott Slovic. During the webinar we discussed the important contributions that can be made by humanities scholars to public conversations about environmental issues. Literary and cultural enquiries help us to navigate our world and are vital in understanding our relationship to the nonhuman world, and the crises that we are facing at the moment. This blog was created as a platform to enable postgraduate and early career researchers from the environmental humanities to communicate their research and thoughts on current events and discourses in a publicly accessible manner. We follow the aims laid out by EASLCE.


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