Ecologies of a Storied Planet in the Anthropocene by Serpil Oppermann

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Published by West Virginia University Press in 2023, Ecologies of a Storied Planet in the Anthropocene is a tour de force. With transdisciplinarity and theoretical lucidity, it rethinks the Anthropocene from a material ecocritical perspective, envisioning innovative modes of knowledge for deeper understandings of Anthropocene ecologies. Focusing on nonhuman agencies, Serpil Oppermann shows in fascinating detail how to better imagine an ecological future on our storied planet that has suffered enormously from an anthropocentric mindset.

Genuinely interdisciplinary, clear, and readable. This should be read across the academy—from geography to literary studies.”
Claire Colebrook, Penn State University



1. The Storied Planet in the Anthropocene

2. The Scale of the Anthropocene and New Anthroposcenarios

3. Migrant Ecologies of the Anthropocene

4. Postnatural Ecologies of the Anthropocene

5. The Ecology of Colors in the Anthropocene




Serpil Oppermann is professor of environmental humanities and director of the Environmental Humanities Center at Cappadocia University. She is the coeditor of many books, including International Perspectives in Feminist EcocriticismMaterial Ecocriticism, and Environmental Humanities: Voices from the Anthropocene.

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Ecologies of a Storied Planet in the Anthropocene by Serpil Oppermann



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