Member Technical Help

If you are having a problem with this website you might need some help. 

Common Problems:

1.) I’m logged in and cannot see things on the site. I keep requesting my password and login but I cannot see the member directory.

Answer: It may be that you let your membership expire. You may have to re-register. Or send in your dues again to

2) Can’t remember your password? Simply go to this LINK (// (Hint: you have to use your email when you first joined the )

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 11.25.28 AM

But I can never remember my password! This is a universal problem, to solve all your password problems we suggest you join a free service like LASTPASS, these password services make you memorize just one master password. It will then save all your passwords for you and generate ones that are all different. 

3) You are Blocked! Sometimes dubious users try to get into our website, we take protection of user data very seriously so occasionally a user might be blocked when trying to get in. This might just be because you forgot your passoword and kept trying to get in. This can be resolved by trying the following:

    1. Waiting a day, your IP address might be unblocked.
    2. Retrieving your password using the method above.
    3. Clearing your cookies and cache in your web browser.
    4. For any other problems please email the EASCLE Webmaster ( ) with the following:
      • Please include your full name
      • Your email
      • Any membership details
      • Describe your problem you had.
      • IP Address ( Go here and it will show you what your ip address is, copy this and include it in your email.)

4) Payment Issues? If you have issues or questions about your membership transactions  please email To renew your membership or join for the first time go here: //

5) How do I find my IP Address? Go to this link, copy your IP address that it shows for you. Email it along with  the problem you have with the info requested above.