European Association for Studies of Literature, Culture and the Environment

EASLCE Webinars – Second Seminar April 28th

Time and Date: April 28th, 11am (Central European Time Zone, GMT+1).

Leader: Kate Rigby: Material Ecocriticism and the Narration of Eco-Catastrophe
Moderator: Hannes Bergthaller

Material Ecocriticism and the Narration of Eco-Catastrophe

One of the most exciting developments within contemporary ecocritical theory is the engagement with the field of inquiry and reflection known as the “new materialism.” Emerging primarily out of science studies, but resonating also with systems theory, biosemiotics and some forms of phenomenology, new materialism reconceives matter as agential and communicative and foregrounds complex and open-ended processes of interaction between human and nonhuman actants.

In this EASCLE webinar, Assoc.Prof. Kate Rigby, inaugural President of ASLEC-ANZ, will lead a discussion on how these perspectives might inform the ecocritical analysis of literary representations of eco-catastrophe.

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