European Association for Studies of Literature, Culture and the Environment

Birmingham Fellowships: Humanity and the Environment

The University of Birmingham (UK) is currently offering 25 long-term
fellowships to early-career scholars across all academic disciplines.  These
positions are unusually attractive in that they are not limited to the
initial five years of the fellowship itself, but rather lead to a permanent
academic position in the most appropriate department at the University of
Birmingham after the duration of the fellowship.

This year one of the priority themes for the Birmingham Fellowship scheme is
'Humanity and the Environment'.  This is specifically conceived to attract
scholars in the arts, humanities and law rather than the natural sciences,
and explicitly includes environmental history.

The deadline for the first stage of applications is 27 August 2012.  The
Fellowships are highly competitive but are open to scholars based in any
country.  Full information about the scheme and application process is
available at

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